• What is Bible-Storying?

    A method used to orally tell the stories of the Bible based on chronological order, themes, needs of the audience, etc. It’s also an effective way to bring God’s Word into people’s hearts and lives.

  • Why Use Bible Storying?

    Our culture is becoming more oral in that people don’t read and are more socially based. People love stories—one they can use anywhere with anyone. Taking that into consideration, Bible Storying:

    • Is Jesus’ and the Early Church’s example
    • Makes it easy to apply truth to real life situations
    • Encourages dialogue
    • Gives more people a chance to participate
    • Is fully from God’s Word. It doesn’t matter if we are eloquent or educated in theology, we can trust the Holy Spirit to use His Word to change people’s hearts. And God’s Word is powerful and transforms lives.
    • Allows people to know God’s Word and be more intimate with Him
    • Allows more people to be equipped and placed in leadership roles